Saturday, November 6, 2010

Water Wings - Lauren Mccrossan

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Amelia Armstrong, Milly to her friends, has been a struggling actress for so long that even she thinks it might be time to call it a day. But as the prospect of leaving Dublin and returning shamefaced to her parents in England looms, she decides to give the acting lark one last try. An Irish film director is looking for someone with the natural, beach girl look, and one bottle of hair bleach, two bottles of fake tan and three castings later, Milly has the part. The trouble is she's told the director she's a genuine water baby when in fact she has a pathological fear of the ocean. Along with her flatmate, Fi, Milly embarks on a journey to a small Donegal town to learn to surf, with the help of Fi's cousin Mac. But as Milly strives to realise her dream, the friends face more challenges than they ever imagined just trying to stay afloat...

Condition: Perfect
Price: RM12

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