Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simply Divine - Wendy Holden

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Jane is a twenty-something journalist who has the usual problems facing a modern woman: job stress, career angst, weight trouble, and an unfulfilling relationship with the man in her life.Her best friend, Tally, wishes she had a boyfriend: a knight with a gold card who could ride up and keep her beloved family estate from falling into the hands of greedy developers.Which is about as likely to happen as Jane embarking on a guilt-free, passionate affair with the sexy writer who lives upstairs. Instead, she has just been recruited for her magazine's latest circulation-boosting gimmick: ghostwriting the life and racy times of celebrity socialite Champagne D'Vyne.But following the grand diva of self-promotion across Europe and straight into tabloid hell can have its advantages. Especially if it leads to -- cross your fingers -- a new job, a new man, and, just maybe, that long dreamed of walk down the aisle.

Condition: Yellowing, cover a bit bended
Price: RM15

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